360 Degree Scheduling

InTime provides multiple views of your schedule, allowing easy oversight and shift planning and enabling you to easily manage shift rotations. Schedule by unit or location and view your schedule however far into the future you require. Available as both a cloud solution or traditional enterprise model.


Save time with the InTime Template Builder

Avoid the hassle of building each individual employee’s shift pattern. Simply build shift patterns in InTime’s Template Builder and load them however far into the future you require and for as many employees necessary.

Template Builder
The Template Scheduler has helped me to the reduce the time I spend scheduling by 70%!
Kari Nelson, Mosaic

Find the Right Employee for the Right Shift

Find employees to fill shifts and overtime with InTime’s intelligent Find List feature. Fill shifts with the best available employee based on your rules and preferences.


Post out shifts via SMS or email to your employees. Employees can sign up or request a shift through their Employee Self-Serve.



Filter sign ups based on your organization/union rules. Create and customize multiple queries and receive instant alerts if there is an employee conflict or compliance issue.



Fill shift with employees generated from your list. InTime gives you the ability to make mandatory or voluntary shift assignments.

Manage Minimum Staffing

Minimum Staffing

Set minimum staffing requirements down to the minute and get a quick visual of where you are over or under-staffed. InTime allows you to plan accordingly for peak-time staffing with ease.

Robust Reporting

InTime provides over 200 built in reports allowing you to track:

  • Overtime hours by activity, location and/or employee
  • Total employee vacation and activity hours
  • Margin reports
  • Payroll details by employee or location
  • Accountability for scheduling changes and assignments

Timekeeping Driven by Scheduling

Schedule data automatically syncs with Timekeeping and can be easily exported to payroll. Simply account for any exceptions and the rest is done for you!

Schedule Data

All schedule data is pushed to Timekeeping in realtime.


The only thing you need to worry about is entering exceptions; everything else is automated.


InTime uses web-services to integrate with your existing payroll systems; allowing you to export timesheets.

Collect Employee Time

Employees can punch-in through our mobile app, web browser or even call in with IVR. Our app features Geo-Punch; employees can only punch-in through their phones within a specified location.

Touch Time II Terminal

Touch Time II

The Touch Time II is a time & attendance terminal that uses touch-screen, badge reader and biometric entry methods.

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Manage and Reduce Overtime

InTime has helped reduce my department’s overtime by 30%. So much so, that my staff are complaining that there isn’t enough overtime postings.
Sam Fleming, Azusa PD
I used to spend 20 hours a week managing my department’s OT. With InTime, that has been reduced to as little as 10 minutes a day
Charlie Hanes, Cal Fire


InTime’s Post-Find-Fill process allows you to post out overtime shifts to staff via SMS and email, filter sign-ups based on department-specific rules and fill shifts; saving you time and money.



InTime will alert you when you schedule someone into overtime.


Visual Scheduling

InTime provides a bird’s-eye view of your schedule, allowing you to spot what shifts may be causing your company or department overtime. Easily see where to plug in Kelly days or payback shifts.



InTime’s robust reporting shows you how much overtime your department is spending, which activities have the most overtime and who is allotting overtime hours.

Extra-Duty and Day-to-Day Scheduling in One Place

Manage day-to-day scheduling and extra-duty from one consolidated system with InTime. An integrated system allows you to gain better and more efficient oversight of your staffing.

Fair Allocation

Fair Allocation

Ensure equitable allocation of secondary duty hours using system tracking and rule sets. Post-out extra duty opportunities and have staff electronically sign-up for consideration.

Extra-Duty Oversight

Superior Oversight

Using one integrated system allows you to easily manage:

  • Employee fatigue
  • Double bookings
  • Extra-duty activities and locations

Tracking and Reporting

Track and report on all hours, activities and locations worked. Prevent employees from working excessive hours that can lead to fatigue or safety concerns.

Mobile Employee Communication

InTime’s web-based Employee Self-Service portal and MyTime app allows workers to check schedule information and update personal information from any device.

  • Sign up for posted shifts, overtime or extra-duty
  • Request leaves and activities for supervisor approval
  • Input personal work preferences
  • Employees can choose to receive push notifications, SMS or email
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Modular-based System

We understand that scheduling is not an one-size fits all solution. That is why we developed a modular-based system that provides your organization with the flexibility it needs.

Time & Attendance

Integrate your Time & Attendance in one fully automated system. Our exceptions-based Time & Attendance system pushes all your scheduling data to timesheets, making it easy to export for payroll. Setup your punch in/punch out system through IVR, email or SMS.


Fully integrated delivery of automated alerts that scale from targeted OT notifications to wide-scale broadcast via email or SMS text.

Court & Subpoena

Fully integrated court scheduling subpoena management, with conflict checking & automated call-offs for exception.

Training & Certification

Tracks all training and certification information to ensure your staff are in full compliance with organizational requirements.

Asset Tracking

Assign equipment to employees and track usage history and key asset information.

Universal Integrations

Easily integrate with your existing software systems. InTime uses web services, a universal language that allows software to share information with other systems such as:





Time Collection

Time Collection

Court & Justice




Deployment Methods

Depending on your organization’s requirements, deploy InTime as either cloud-hosted solution or licensed enterprise model.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Solution

Access InTime via the Internet, without the hassle of hardware. All data is replicated in real-time between major geographically separated data centers on the West and East coasts of North America.



InTime is traditionally owned and maintained internally. True scalability with the proven ability to support a very large employee base.

Get an InTime 30-Day Free Trial

“I signed up for the 30-day trial and the system was wide open to me. I watched the 30 second video clips and just with that I was able to schedule my whole department. I was able to call support at any time and they would help and show me functionality I didn’t even know about. At the end of my 30-day trial I had a 100% working model and I hadn’t even paid a dime” – Capt. Sam Fleming

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