Things Change Daily for You, Scheduling Needs to Keep Up

InTime Scheduling

From small organizations to city-wide deployments, InTime has the scheduling & timekeeping tools you need to make your organization more efficient and cost effective.

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Scheduling for Complex Organizations

You have rotating shift patterns and complex organizational rules. Your daily operations require you to make temporary unit changes, split shifts and post overtime quickly. You need complete control & oversight of your operations and require reports that give you actionable feedback. There isn’t a schedule that InTime can’t handle, so bring it on.

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Daily Operations like Swapping Shifts is literally as easy as Copy & Paste:


Hours Modifier

Exception-Based Timekeeping

In a nutshell, exception-based timekeeping allows you to skip the middleman. InTime’s scheduling system contains all your employee overtime, timebanks, leaves and complex pay rules. All that data automatically populates your timesheets; meaning the only thing you have to manage is approving electronic activity slips through our system. Have your employee’s clock in & out through our mobile app, web punch, email, phone or timekeeping terminal.

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Integrate with any Payroll System

Integrate with your existing Payroll system. InTime uses Web Services to communicate with any Payroll software:

Improve Employee Communication with the MyTime App

The MyTime phone app improves two-way communication by putting the schedule in your employee’s pocket. From the MyTime phone app employees can:

1. View Individual and Team Schedule

2. Sign up for Shifts, OT & Extra-Duty

3. Request Time Off

4. Receive Mobile Alerts

5. Punch in & out

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Manage Overtime in 3 Easy Steps

Save thousands of hours for your organization by streamlining your Overtime Management process and even reducing the number of Overtime hours required.

1. POST Overtime Shifts Electronically

2. FIND the Right Employees with Custom Filters

3. FILL your Schedule in Minutes

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Match Extra-Duty Shifts with Officers for Hire

All your employee profiles, qualifications, and up-to-date schedules are already in your day-to-day Scheduling system, so why use a separate system for scheduling Extra Duty assignments? With InTime, you can manage all your Extra Duty and Day-to-Day Scheduling on one screen. The result: improve officer safety and scheduling efficiency.

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E-Subpoena Scheduling & Notification System

By syncing your work schedule with your justice system, InTime allows Courts and Police departments to easily schedule court appearances, serve electronic subpoenas, and efficiently communicate with personnel named as witnesses. Our Court & Subpoena module can:

1. Prevent court-related scheduling conflicts

2. Deliver & schedule subpoenas electronically

3. Determine the impact of subpoenas on Minimum Deployment Levels

4. Deliver real-time Witness Notifications if court has been dispositioned, continued or trailed

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Modular-based System

We understand that scheduling is not an one-size fits all solution. That is why we developed a modular-based system that provides your organization with the flexibility it needs.

Training & Certification

Tracks all training and certification information to ensure your staff are in full compliance with organizational requirements.

Asset Tracking

Assign equipment to employees and track usage history and key asset information.


Fully integrated delivery of automated alerts that scale from targeted OT notifications to wide-scale broadcast via email or SMS text.

Deployment Methods

Depending on your organization’s requirements, deploy InTime as either cloud-hosted solution or licensed enterprise model.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Solution

Access InTime via the Internet, without the hassle of hardware. All data is replicated in real-time between major geographically separated data centers on the West and East coasts of North America.



InTime is traditionally owned and maintained internally. True scalability with the proven ability to support a very large employee base.

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