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Managing station coverage has never been easier

When it comes to serving dispatch & 911 we focus on delivering three things: ease of use, automation and effectiveness. InTime has been designed to handle your console coverage down to the very minute, so that your dispatch center runs smoothly and efficiently. The result is improved productivity, streamlined communications and reduced operational cost across the organization.

Schedule by Console

Schedule by station

Schedule your personnel based on console, allowing you to maintain adequate station coverage at all times.

Manage Overtime


InTime’s Post-Find-Fill process allows you to post out overtime shifts, filter sign-ups based on department-specific rules and fill shifts. Use InTime’s advanced reporting to manage OT costs.

Manage Coverage

Manage Compliance

Set coverage levels down to the very minute. Ensure that you have minimum staffing during peak call times.

Employee Self-Serve

Employee Self-Serve

Employees can check their schedule and shift details, sign up for shifts and request leave from any device.


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