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Managing your staff has never been easier

When it comes to serving corrections we focus on delivering three things: ease of use, automation and effectiveness. InTime has been designed with both positional and post-based scheduling in mind to cater to the most complex corrections environments. The result is improved productivity, streamlined communications and reduced operational cost across the organization.

Post-Based Scheduling

Post-based Scheduling

Schedule your personnel based on where they are stationed. Create unlimited number of schedules supporting multiple shifts, rotating positions, future assignments and promotions.

Manage Overtime


InTime’s Post-Find-Fill process allows you to post out overtime shifts, filter sign-ups based on department-specific rules and fill shifts. Use InTime’s advanced reporting to manage OT costs.

Manage Compliance

Manage Compliance

Attach training levels and attributes to staff and set qualification rules for shift postings. InTime will monitor compliance and automatically notify you if there is a breach.

Employee Self-Serve

Employee Self-Serve

Employees can check their schedule and shift details, sign up for shifts and request leave from any device.


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