Case Brief

The Risk Protection Group is a private security provider based out of Ontario, Canada. They originally provided services in Niagara Falls, but grew to larger markets in Toronto and London. As their number of employees and clients climbed, so too did their scheduling demands

Risk Protection Group

RPG’s Challenge prior to InTime

Inconsistent Data

Scheduling was done using two different electronic systems, often creating incongruent data and forcing Risk Protection staff members to spend time cross-checking scheduling data.

Scheduling was Time Consuming

Lots of time was spent making simple schedule changes. Notifying staff about shift changes or updates was difficult and often resulted in miscommunication.

Inefficient Punch In & Out Process

The employee punch in & out process was extremely inefficient and required micro-management from their dispatch team.

Couldn't Track Billing Rates

Tracking and reporting billing rates for various locations and clients was difficult.

The Results with InTime

Hours to Minutes

Scheduling has been made substantially easier and less time-consuming. Prior to switching to InTime, RPG supervisors would spend hours each week to cross-check data across two scheduling and time management systems. Now, using InTime, they only need to manage scheduling exceptions, and have reported it takes about 20 minutes per week to do so.

Reduction in Time Spent Scheduling:


Smart Staff Communication

The RPG dispatch center needed to be able to quickly notify employees of any schedule changes without causing confusion. Their old method of calling and texting each and every employee with schedule updates was painfully inefficient. They implemented the Employee Self-Serve portal, which allows their staff to receive real-time updates from the main schedule on their mobile phone via email or SMS notifications.

Their employees also can receive detailed shift notes thanks to the location-based structure of InTime. It allows for instructions to be attached to each location and shift if required. Risk Protection Group uses this functionality to ensure that their employees are aware of any specific instructions made by the client.

Accounting Made Easy

RPG operating staff now have the ability to set up multiple clients- and their various locations and pay/bill rates – all in one system, which reduces time and frustration. Prior to switching to InTime, client data and contract requirements were difficult to oversee. Employees can also be paid varying rates for specific jobs, so for bookkeeping purposes, InTime makes a huge difference to RPG.

Accounting made Easy

Simple Time Tracking

RPG implemented both the Web Punch and IVR systems for punching in & out. The entire system is automated, allowing the security guards to quickly and easily check in at each location, while also allowing the dispatch center to be hands off.

Accurate Data

The location-based scheduling of InTime allows RPG to assign unique billing rates to each client’s location. Using the data collected by the Punch In/Out module, they are able to track total billable hours, billable rate, and their employee’s hourly rate to accurately generate customer bills and employee payroll data.

I love InTime and would definitely recommend it. The technical assistance we have received, as well as the support from our Account Executive, have both been excellent.
Kathie Shepherd, Operations Manager

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