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ILJAOC: Integrated Law and Justice Agency for Orange County

ILJAOC is a Joint Powers Authority that comprises of 24 public agencies and provides policing to 21 municipalities in Orange County. InTime was implemented in 2009 to manage ILJAOC’s complex scheduling requirements for:

Police Department

Police Department

Superior Court

Probation Department

Sherrif's Department

Sheriff’s Department

ILJAOC’s Challenge prior to InTime

Lack of Communication between Agencies

The inability to easily share employee and scheduling information across agencies created inefficiencies in ILJAOC’s system. Because the court system was not able to see police availability, subpoenas often resulted in scheduling conflicts.

Self-Hosted Hardware

With such a large amount of data, ILJAOC had high costs associated with servers, storage, MS licensing and setup hardware. Furthermore, there was no failover or disaster recovery capability for such a ‘mission critical’ software.

The Results with InTime

Integrated Police and Court Scheduling

Using InTime’s Court & Subpoena module, the ILJAOC was able to populate any subpoena related appearances directly and in real-time into their scheduling system. This gave ILJAOC agencies the ability to have more control over deployment levels and led to a reduction in overtime costs.

Real-Time Notifications

The Court & Subpoena module has given ILJAOC the ability to instantly inform officers if a court date has been continued or dispositioned via SMS and email. The result has been a significant savings in time and money.

No Hardware Costs

Since switching to InTime’s cloud-hosted solution, ILJAOC has saved significantly on costs associated with server hardware, maintenance and storage. ILJAOC’s data is replicated in real-time and is hosted on two secure and geographically separated data centers with failover capability.

The ability to inform officers instantly via SMS text messaging if a court date has been continued or dispositioned has saved our member agencies significant time and money.
Bob McDonell , Executive Director

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