How to Manage 300 Special Events, Stay on Budget and Random Drug Test with InTime

Bluffton PD, located in beautiful South Carolina, faced some tough scheduling problems prior to using InTime. High extra-duty demand coupled with exorbitant overtime costs put a strain on the department’s time and resources. Paper-based processes caused long delays in scheduling decisions and was prone to human error. Read on to see how they resolved these issues and managed to stay under budget for the first time ever!

The money from overtime savings pays for this product and more!
Chief Joey Reynolds, Bluffton PD
Chief Joey Reynolds

Challenges prior to InTime

High Extra-Duty Demand

Bluffton PD manages over 300 extra duty events a year. The challenge is managing employee fatigue, signups and client satisfaction.

High Overtime Costs

With no easy way of building reports and limited oversight, Bluffton PD was running as high as 20% over-budget on OT.

Slow Paper Processes

Payroll issues and policy breaches wouldn’t be spotted until weeks later due to inefficient paper processes. Furthermore, posting and filling signups was a long and tedious process that often resulted in error and inequitable allocation.

The Results with InTime

Under Budget for the First Time Ever!

Reducing overtime costs primarily came down to using InTime’s advanced reporting to make informed scheduling decisions. Supervisors at Bluffton PD are now able to track where overtime is being spent and even drill down into specific special duty events to analyze overtime hours.

“Using InTime’s reporting, we noticed we were spending a lot of OT on training. We switched to an online training environment and were able to cut significant costs; all because we identified it with InTime” -Chief Joey Reynolds

Supervisors running day-to-day scheduling now get a notification if they are scheduling an employee into overtime. Even more, InTime runs a query to find employees with the least amount of overtime (and/or any other compliance rules) to work any particular shift. Using all these InTime tools, Bluffton PD was able to reduce overtime costs by over 20%!


Reduction in Overtime Costs

Managing 300 Extra-Duty Events with No Problem

When you’re dealing with 300+ extra duty events a year, it’s imperative that your extra duty and day-to-day scheduling is integrated. This has allowed Bluffton PD to not only easily manage off-duty scheduling and posting, it enables them to:

  • be accountable for all their officers
  • manage employee fatigue
  • prevent double bookings
  • reduce overtime costs
  • equitably allocate extra-duty shifts
  • reduce their liability
“Using InTime to manage Secondary Duty, I am able to have full accountability for all my officers and offer better customer service to clients requesting off-duty.” -Chief Joey Reynolds

Say Goodbye to Paper!

In the past, supervisors had to consult hundreds of paper documents in order to manage scheduling and operations. Now that everything is centralized on InTime, scheduling is fast. Chief Reynolds explains how fast:

“Time sheets used to go from supervisor to supervisor and it would often take weeks before catching payroll issues. We also had officers working more than permitted in a 24 hour period, but we couldn’t catch it in a timely manner. Now with InTime, I get an instant notification and can take action right away.”

Before InTime, schedules had to be manually built from payroll period to payroll period. InTime mitigates the need for this process and simply enables Bluffton’s supervisors to monitor schedules and make exceptions. InTime has reduced the time Bluffton PD spends scheduling by 83%!


Reduction in Time Spent Scheduling

Random Drug Testing?

Bluffton PD was searching for a software to perform random drug testing. They went out on a limb and asked their account rep if InTime could perform this function. Long story short, they are now using InTime to generate random lists for drug testing and have saved thousands from having to buy new software.

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