How did Azusa PD Reduce Overtime by 30%?

Located in beautiful Southern California, Azusa PD has 63 sworn officers. It was more than apparent that using spreadsheets to manage scheduling was causing inefficiencies in their department. Azusa was suffering from exorbitant overtime costs, poor employee communication and a clear lack of organization. They set out to find a solution to automate the process.

InTime has helped reduce my department’s overtime by 30%. So much so, that my staff are complaining that there aren’t enough overtime postings.
Sam Fleming, Captain
Our implementation specialist was great. It doesn’t just stop when you become a customer, they continue to provide outstanding support.
Sam Fleming, Captain

Azusa PD’s Challenge prior to InTime

Spreadsheet Scheduling

Scheduling procedure had no consistent process and was managed using excel and paper. It required 3 hours a day to manage and took an additional 4.5 hours every four months to build out for shift rotations.

High Overtime Costs

With no easy way of building reports and limited oversight, it was difficult to manage and reduce overtime. The result was high OT costs.

Inefficient Communication

Before InTime, making sure that officers knew their schedules and could sign up for OT postings was a paper-heavy, manual process. Schedules, OT shifts and payback shifts were printed out and posted on the department’s bulletin board. Officers who happened to be in the building could check their schedules and sign up for shifts, but officers who had days off or were on patrol were out of luck.

No Accountability

It was difficult for Azusa to follow paper trails in order to track schedule changes and overtime allotment. Because schedules were posted on paper, anyone could make changes without any accountability.

The Results with InTime

Hours to Minutes

Before InTime, Azusa spent 4.5 hours building schedules for each four month rotation and countless hours managing it. After implementing InTime, building out schedules for each rotation only takes a fraction of that time. Azusa also now has the capacity to easily find qualified personnel for specific events, parades and marathons; enabling them to plan even further in advance.

Reduction in Time Spent Scheduling:


Reduced Overtime

InTime gives the user a bird’s eye view of the schedule, enabling Azusa to clearly see where they have overtime and plug in payback shifts. With InTime’s ‘find feature,’ allotment of overtime is based on Azusa’s union rules and department practices. This allows for fair and efficient distribution of overtime. InTime also provides Azusa with analytical tools and reports to proactively reduce their department’s overtime costs.

Reduction in Overtime:


Efficient Communication

With InTime’s web-based Employee Self-Service portal, officers can check their personal schedules, work locations and any special shift instructions on-the-go. Scheduling notifications are sent through SMS text and email; communicating in a way that Azusa’s employees prefer to receive information. They can easily request leaves, check request status and view personal assets/equipment inventory. Extra duty and overtime shifts are posted to everyone at the same time, allowing equal opportunity for all officers to sign up for shifts. Payback shifts used to take a full week to fill, now only 48 hours with InTime.

  Days to Fill Payback Shifts:

0 Days
Before InTime
0 Days
With InTime

Creating Accountability

Without a consolidated scheduling system, it was difficult to build reports and show accountability for changes and postings in the schedule. InTime has over 85 standard reports, providing in-depth operations oversight. With InTime’s audit trail feature, Azusa is able to track schedule changes and maintain accountability.

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